Volunteer for Canada Day

Four volunteers providing water on Canada Day

Canada’s Capital Region is the place to be on Canada Day! There are a range of festivities taking place throughout the day at various locations in Ottawa and Gatineau. Join our volunteer team and experience Canada Day like never before! Below is a complete list and description of Canada Day volunteer opportunities.

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Volunteer opportunities

All Ottawa–Gatineau sites

Flag and promotional items distributor

  • hand out Canadian flags and promotional items to the general public
  • collect and recycle empty boxes

Bilingualism (English and French) is an asset.

Logistics assistant

  • help the Canadian Heritage project coordinator set up and dismantle the site
  • help with other related tasks

Must be prepared to do physical work.

Information officer

  • provide visitors with information about Canada day activities

Must be bilingual (English and French).


  • help the coordinator and assist with various duties
  • replace other volunteers during their breaks

Must be flexible.

Crowd control officer

  • assist with crowd control
  • ensure security within the area
  • help people line up for activities
  • help set up and dismantle activities and help with other duties

Must be polite, courteous and friendly.

Green team

Various roles, including:

  • bike parking
  • water distribution
Major's Hill Park, Ottawa

Activity assistant

  • help participants take part in various workshops involving building, doing crafts and learning new games

Great canadian chicken BBQ assistant

Various positions, including:

  • handing out promotional items
  • blowing up balloons (with pump)
  • working behind the service counter (preparing chicken sandwiches, serving customers, etc.)
  • keeping condiment table and VIP area clean
Parliament Hill, Ottawa


  • welcome guests and direct them to the appropriate areas
  • control access to designated areas

Bilingualism (English and French) is an asset.

Special needs assistant

  • greet people with special needs
  • control access to the special needs area
Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau

Activity assistant

  • help participants take part in various workshops involving building, doing crafts and learning new games


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